And this Little Piggie was Free Motion Quilted All the Way Home

I'm happy to say that the "Sanglier" placemats are done and 8 happy little piggies are nibbling their way through a sunny vineyard all the way to their new home.

The eight 13 1/4" x 17" placemats were quilted on a domestic machine using only free motion. 

The sanglier was machine embroidered separately first, then appliqued to the quilt top prior to sandwiching.

To highlight the palm tree, I used embroidery thread for the quilting.

A close-up of a corner shows where the colour of the thread changes with the colour gradations of the fabric as described in the previous post.

The cross hatch grid was achieved with free motion and the use of a ruler. Even though I currently don't have a presser foot designed for ruler work, this is a much faster way to stitch straight lines than using a walking foot. I used the plastic FM quilting foot that came with my machine and it works fairly well, but I have no doubt that a presser foot designed for the purpose of ruler work would be more efficient as well as more accurate. New presser foot coming soon.

Top of the placemat.

Underside of the placemat.

These placemats were great a great warm-up session for my whole cloth silk quilt which is next on my list. Although the quilting design isn't finished for it yet, I'm very anxious to get at it and hope to get started on some trial pieces very soon.


  1. I just love these. And this style of work is my favourite of all the things you do. So beautiful! That whole cloth quilt will be wonderful. I hope the mats are well appreciated!

    1. Thanks Monica. I do really love free motion quilting and find myself getting quite lost in the process. That being said, working on a 100" x 100" quilt won't be quite as relaxing because the huge amount of bulk, but I'm gearing up for it.

  2. Your home free motion quilting is exquisite! this is amazing work. The colors are so vibrant and lovely. And to change the threads like that is unbelievable. Definitely a work of art. A lot of patience and skill went into this. I am in awe!

    1. Thanks Karen. I think that almost every type of needle work takes patience, and, I would add calm to that. But most of all, I think that all of us who do this type of work, hand or machine, do it because we love to do it and can't help ourselves.


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