"Rose Window Boutis: Finished" (Part 3)

Light at the end of the Boutis

Although the actual boutis piece is only the small 5" x 5" square in the center of the rose window, it was the springboard for a larger "cathedral tower" wall hanging and was central to it's development. The piece combines 2 of my favourite stitching techniques; needlework by hand and free motion quilting with machine.

Tip to base, the finished hanging measures 31" x 16". Held up against the light, the boutis is illuminated from the back and becomes the focal point of the piece.

The wall hanging consists of 3 sections.

The rose window, (on the white batiste), takes center stage with the boutis it's main focus and the FMQ providing the frame.

Front of the work, highlighting the boutis square.

Back of the work

The complete rose window has been hand appliqued into a light grey fabric, representative of the carved stone often surrounding a cathedral window.

Details of the roof line as well as the surrounding stone tower.

Machine quilting on a darker grey cotton creates the roof line as well as the surrounding stone work. (see above)

Straight line FMQ (see my previous post) has partitioned the lower part of the tower into three smaller towers. (below)

Close up of the lower part of the wall hanging

Completed front

Completed back

I quite enjoy combining different techniques, such as hand stitched boutis and FMQ, in the same project and  I know there will be more like this project in my future.


  1. Absolutely lovely! What beautiful stitching, both hand and machine.

  2. Even though I knew it was coming, it is still even better than I was imagining. Wow! Those three lower windows, or towers, are a perfect support for the design, as well as being so polished in themselves. And the whole thing is executed perfectly.

    Have you considered entering it in the CQA contest next spring? It'll be here in Toronto, and I think you have a good chance of getting it in. It would be fun to see in real life!

    1. Oh wow Monica, high praise indeed. I'm not so sure that this little piece deserves it. Although while working on this piece, I have started planning another piece that will be following the same idea, but with a larger portion of boutis.

      The idea of entering it into the CQA caught me completely off guard and even made me giggle a little. I'm not so sure this one is show worthy, (too many little things gone wrong that should have been corrected). But thanks for the vote of confidence.

      (BTW: I apologize for the tardy reply; been flu week around here. Ugh!)

    2. Well, they are always looking for something different, and I haven't seen anyone do anything similar to this. It looks perfect in the photo! But, maybe the next one then. :D

  3. Wow!! This is so gorgeous and captures a cathedral tower with rose window so well! I love the way you have used both machine and hand work, and made them go together seamlessly. The end result is stunning.

    1. Thanks Sandra. Because hand work takes so much time, using it in combination with machine work allows me the opportunity to do more pieces that include hand stitching, which is something that I love doing whenever I have the chance.

  4. Gorgeous. Total #CreativeGoodness. Love your overall design, colors, free-motion quilting. Absolutely stunning.



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