Backlit Boutis

This traditional floral motif, designed by Francine Born,, is the boutis piece that I started in Francine's classes this past summer. The boutis itself is completed and set into linen, for the table topper that it will become. Now it must still be sandwiched with batting, backed with the blue toile and quilted. Because of the extra suitcase space it will require, I will wait until I get back to Vancouver to do that part.

Boutis tabletopper, set into linen, with the blue toile that will be the backing,  in the background.
Detail of the boutis. To be considered as authentic boutis, the work must be hand stitched, and when held up against the light, the relief will show translucence and shadow. The seam allowance now still visible around the central design, will disappear once the batting and backing are attached.

An excellent book about the quilts of southern France, including much information about boutis, is "Quilts of Provence: The Art and Craft of French Quiltmaking", written by Kathryn Berenson and published by Henry Holt and Company, Inc. 1996. She has published another book, "Marseille, the Cradle of White Corded Quilting" published by International Quilt Study Centre and Museum, UNL, 2010.

Tomorrow, I am off to Ste.Marie-Aux-Mines in Alsace, for a week at the European Patchwork Exhibition, I have registered for a 2 day workshop "Handquilting in Amish Technique", with Esther Miller, and a series of lectures with Monique Alphand "Quilting and Stitching in 18th and 19th century Provence. It should be a very good week and I will report on it when I'm back.


  1. Ah, envy... Have a look for La Fee Pirouette, they will have a booth at the exhibition. I bought their 2010 BOM, but alas, I have not started it yet! Don't tell Nathalie! But it is still on my to do list. ;)

  2. Hi Monica. I only read your comment after I got back from the show so I missed "La Fee Pirouette". The vendors mall was extremely packed the afternoon I attended and I found it difficult to move around. I missed a lot of the vendors I had hoped to see. I will keep my eyes open for "La Fee Pirouette" in the future.


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